Yuzu Kosho Salt
Yuzu Kosho Salt Yuzu Kosho Salt Yuzu Kosho Salt
$ 12.00

We are always overjoyed when an amazing organic orchard nearby calls to say the yuzu crop is ready.

This exotic citrus fruit is prized for it's heavenly scent and flavor that is like like a lime with a hints of grapefruit and sour orange.

We've dried our yuzu and created Yuzu Kosho salt. This blend features yuzu, Hawaiian sea salt and Korean chili flakes and Korean chili threads.

This condiment is traditionally used in hot pot soups but we'd add it to our winter stews, mix it into our salad dressing and we might just lick the salty, spicy jar! You can also sprinkle it on steamed vegetables and rub it on meats.

Jar size: 2 oz

Ingredients: Yuzu, Hawaiian sea salt, Korean chili flakes, Korean chili threads.