Leek Scape Pickles
Leek Scape Pickles Leek Scape Pickles Leek Scape Pickles Leek Scape Pickles Leek Scape Pickles
$ 16.00
One of our favorite farmers had leeks scapes this spring and we couldn't resist getting a box of them!

Leek scapes are the flower stems produced from the gorgeous leeks at this family farm. They come up in the spring before the bulbs are ready. We were thrilled to get our hands on a few.

The scapes have the taste and texture of a thick green bean pickle. They are incredibly fragrant with an incredibly light and amazing onion flavor. The closed blossom ends of the stems are a treat not to be missed.

They are perfect right out of the jar (one of our staff members ate one every morning until the jar was gone).  Add them to your relish plate or cheese platter this holiday season. And they are a perfect addition to a Bloody Mary!

Jar size: 24 oz.

Ingredients: Leek scapes, white vinegar, filtered water, Hawaiian sea salt, spices.
Special shipping note: Due to the large size of these jars, two of them will fit in a medium flat rate box. If you are ordering more than one other item, your items will be shipped in a large flat rate box. Any additional shipping charges will be billed accordingly.